Each year, the 21 June is marked as MND Awareness Day and people from across the world are encouraged to share their stories, raise awareness of the disease and raise funds to help those living with the condition as well as to help find an effective treatment. We would therefore like to invite everyone living in and around the Devon region to join us for a ‘Virtual’ Walk to D’Feet to show our dedication to the cause, and raise awareness and money through doing so.

Click here to find out more information through our Just Giving page

Usually, we would all invite you to join us at the Haldon Forest for a short 5km walk and for tea and biscuits afterwards. This year, we would like you to put on MND Association t-shirts, hoodies, wrist bands or any apparel that you might have, or wear MND Association colours (orange and blue) and take members of your household for a walk of your choice. This could be anywhere and anytime on the 21st June, and whichever length will suit you best.

We would also love for you to take pictures and video snippets from your walk, so that we can use these in a promotional video of the Walk, which would be featured on our social and digital media.

Click here to find out more information through our Just Giving page

You can also donate an amount of your choosing and the money raised will be used to directly support people living with MND in the Exeter and East Devon region, by providing them with useful resources and grants to improve their quality of life as much as we are able to.

We hope you can join us on the 21 June!