We understand the concerns most people have when joining any group. You don’t even have to know anything about MND to help us and our group is like no other.  We have fun – fun – fun – raising money in the most bizarre ways.

We would welcome with open arms anyone who had any bizarre ideas or even just ‘normal’ ones i.e. coffee mornings, cruises, treasure hunts, walks, pub quizzes, cycle rides and the old faithful car boot sales.

If you have any time to spare, please consider helping us.  It need only be one or two hours a week, or as much time as you can spare.  Just to man a stall would be an enormous help, as we are a relatively small group, who are getting older every day!!

We have in the past ventured into events such as gala dinners, male voice choir concerts and more elaborate events.  We will try anything to raise funds for MND!!! (within reason)

If you would like get involved and help raise funds, please contact us.

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