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Your support is vital to ensure the MND Association can continue to be there to help people whose lives are affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Your help can  provide the essential services people with MND rely on every day, or even fund research projects to bring hope for a future without MND.



You will be directed to the national website donations page. To ensure your donation is re-directed back to Exeter & East Devon Branch for distribution to local needs, simply stipulate this request in the Comments box on the national website donations page.

You can make a difference. Every penny helps so thank you to all who donate and those who have shown an interest by visiting this page.  If you wish to make a donation, however small, please contact a member of the Committee or go to make a donation page .

Thank You

As a Branch we make contributions to the needs of people living with MND.  This can be wide and various from assistance with adaptations, supportive funding for specialised equipment, holidays and much much more!   

Our aim is to offer financial support as a means to improving the quality of life, but only with the agreement of the person concerned.

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